Our valued Academy


Robyn Taylor

Human and equine osteopath

As a human and equine osteopath I use B-E-St on a daily basis. I have
experienced significant reduction in healing time. It is aiding the body find it’s harmony on all levels. The effect on the horses still amazes me. Usually the horse relaxes as soon as I turn on the B-E-St device, which benefits the effectiveness of my treatments.


Dr. Peter Wijnendaele

DVM, FEI official vet 4*, Belgian Endurance team vet
2004-2012, Belgian Endurance team farrier 2014-2017

After 25 years of practice as an equine veterinarian, I discovered the possibilities of frequency-specific microcurrent with the B-E-St device. Now I wish I had discovered it much earlier!
All those infiltrations and shockwave treatments would not have been necessary… A patient who sleeps peacefully during treatment is very satisfying for me as a veterinarian.
The results even more…